Monday, September 28, 2009

Project Assignment #3 Chindogu! #3– Chindogu – The Art of Useless Inventions -


Create a useless invention according to the rules of the Japanese art of "Chindogu". This will be a project created in several distinct steps. First, conceptualize your own Chindogu. Second, create and 30 second to 1 minute video “infomercial” about your useless invention, appropriating the substance and style of such television advertisements.


The first step will be to research Chindogu on the internet. Visit the blog as a starting point, I will be posting a few links to get you started. Create a graphic product proposal modeled on those featured in the Chindogu books of your project - complete with descriptive text of the function or lack there-of inherent in your idea. This proposal will be presented and critiqued to the class on Monday, October 5th.


The second part of the project will be to actually create the invention as a sculptural/functional/performative object. Construct your invention from found or purchased everyday items. The finished Chindogu must be functional. The finished project is due on Wednesday, October 7th.


The third part will be to create an infomercial for your invention! Study the form before commencing. Produce a short, 30-second to one-minute long infomercial/commercial for your product. Show your Chindogu in action! Incorporate video and sound to create an undeniably enticing advertisement for your invention.


Research "Chindogu" online and examine the books in class. Think of something relevant to your life - something that goes to the extreme to accomplish a simple task. Over engineering is key! This could be instructional, informational, humorous, serious, inspirational, etc..


September 30th Sierra Arts and NMA field trip.

October 5th Chindogu proposals as PSD prints.

October 7th Chindogu physical inventions due, video demo.

October 12th Reading Chapter 3 Lovejoy.

October 14th Infomercials Due! Critique!

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