Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Assignment and Photo Montage links...

Assignment #1 – Objects, Images, Word


Create a series of three works of digital photographic montage in Adobe Photoshop from specific source material. You must use as your subject matter for each of the three works the same scanned subjects. These are to be, at minimum, created from at least one or more objects (flatbed scanned), at least one or more images and a single, solitary word. All are to be found or otherwise appropriated (including the word – scan text from an original print source). Use Adobe Photoshop to creatively combine your image elements into three cohesive image compositions. Consider the conceptual link between image, object and word that will be created by their combination in the same image context.

Very important! Save your images with layers intact as we will be further using your image for the next project.


The content of your work is up to you. Consider the possibilities of Adobe Photoshop to cut, paste, resize, etc.. Scan photographs from family albums, magazines, etc.. Bring in various found objects to scan - junk, a meaningful keepsake, etc.. Pick a word, either scanned from text, handwritten or otherwise created outside of the computer, scan it and include the work in the image. Think about how the creative and unexpected associations of disparate images and texts functions to establish new and multiple readings of the works.


Much of this you will learn by doing – some basics will be covered in class - Adobe Photoshop, image scanning, image sizes, resolution, and color inkjet printing.

Project due:

Wednesday, February 10th, First Critique

Links to photo montage artists:

John Heartfield
Hannah Hoch
Raoul Hausmann
Robert Rauschenberg
Barbara Krueger
Winston Smith
Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung
Marcus Kenney

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