Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Collaborative Animation Projects


This next phase of your photoshop project, "Image, Object, Word", involves several steps:

1) Animate your image - highlight the text - improve upon your image (particularly if it was less than successful in the original montage). Those of you with the more complex images will likely have the more successful sequences as you have more visual information with which to play! Feel free to improve upon and revise your images as appropriate - we are making a new piece as derived from your still photoshop montage - nothing is set in stone!

2) In class this past Monday we created a sequencing of the words from each piece to create the flow and define the progression of the animation. Now you are to work with those just before your segment and the person after your segment to creatively, collaboratively, come up with animated sequences the combine aspects of your individual works to flow from one sequence into the other.

3) Important! Your individual sequence, as finished today, should be 3-5 seconds, with the additional transitional segments between your sequences, this will add time on the front and back of your piece (this is logical of course!). Keep the transitions short, so as to insure the eventual flow of the finished work.

These projects are due on Wednesday, September 23rd - on this day we will assemble these in class and critique as we go! Have fun!

DNA --Yurika
PROMISE --Charli
FIRE --Kristi
DECLINE --Quincy
HO --Rachel
DEAL --Jose
PAIN --Katie
SCAR --Jesse
HEROES --Thomas
LOST --Jerri
TIME --Alex
DEATH --Cole

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