Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Final Projects!!! Links and Info!!!

Final Projects Part 1 and 2

Part 1 - Create a portfolio website of all projects created to date.

Part 2


The objective is to arrive at a concept that facilitates the creative utilization of digital technologies for the completion of a significant project or series of works to be presented, displayed or performed. Develop an idea and write a proposal describing both formal and conceptual intentions. Use the remaining time in the semester to complete the work. You are to choose one of the listed options below for your final project. Works will be graded according to form, content and as to the overall quality of your presentation. You are responsible for the entire presentation of the finished work – choose the most appropriate method for the display of your work. Finally, you will create a written artist’s statement that will be read during the final critique.


Choose one of these options for your final project:

-Submit a proposal to Add Art (http://add-art.org/)

-Produce viral art videos for Youtube/Vimeo, etc.


-Create a functional, fake/subversive/satirical web site.

-Create a public presentation of digital art in a public space.

http://visitsteve.com/ http://eriktburke.com/stilllife.html

-Performance and/or build imagined art installation in Second Life


-Powerpoint Performance Art

-Create a Machinima Animation

"Machinima Beauty"

-Other (collaborate, genius concepts, etc.)

Monday, November 16 Assign Final Projects

Wednesday, November 18 PROJECT PROPS DUE/Web Demo

Monday, November 23 Reading Chapter 5 Digital Currents

Wednesday, November 25 Open Lab

Monday, November 30 Reading Chapter 6 Digital Currents

Wednesday, December 2 Reading Chapter 7 Digital Currents

Monday, December 7 FINAL CRITIQUE PART 1

Monday, December 14 FINAL CRITIQUE PART 2

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