Monday, November 23, 2009

Art 245
Final Project Part 1
Create a Portfolio Website:

Your website is a representation of you and the work you have accomplished over the course of the semester.

You are free to create the website using any of the examples Ben shows you in class today. These can range from custom designed, HTML coded sites to adapting existing, free blogs to showcase your work:

Required minimum content:
Here is a good site to model:

You are required to have:
Contact Information
If needed a “Front Page” or “Home Page” link

As to projects - each project completed for the class is to be featured in reverse chronological order - ie, last project is the first thing you see when you come to the site. You are also required to write a brief description/statement about each project, as on Michael Mandiberg’s site linked above.

For Art 245 the projects will be:

#1 Object, Image, Word - triptych

#2 Link to the Class Animation of this project that we will post on Youtube and Vimeo - IMPORTANT!!! Note in your text just below the piece, the specific time frame where your animated sequence and sound appears so I can quickly find your segment (ex: 1:02-1:08).

#3 Chindogu - post your Chindogu proposal image file.

#4 Chindogu Video - link to your embedded Chindogu video that you have posted either to Youtube or Vimeo.

#5 Second Life avatar and real-life portraits.

#6 Documentation of your FINAL project is to be posted to your site by December 14th, our final class meeting date.

#7 Post your two writing assignments/reviews of visiting artist’s lectures and Prospective.09.


(These are all relatively user friendly, with existing templates and designs that you can adapt to fit your work, these do, however, lack in terms of having the flexibility to truly design a personal web portfolio page. If you are just starting out with web publishing, however, these are likely a good place to start!)

More Advanced: - downloadable CMS (FANTASTIC web based, portfolio specific web application!) - downloadable CMS - downloadable CMS
(These require web hosting (ie:, FTP (file transfer protocol), I would also strongly recommend acquiring your own domain address (ie Hosting and domains are available on the cheap, you can do all of this for just around $30 a year, well worth it for professional designers and artists. If you have web skills beyond the beginner, this is the way to go, you will get here eventually in the Digital Media program. Requires knowledge of how websites work and will again take time to setup. Ultimately much more flexible in terms of setting up your personal portfolio site, thousands of open source codes, plugins, templates, etc.)

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